From Paris to Charleston, Meet Our Newest Intern Catherine!

Spend just five minutes talking to Catherine Currin, and you’ll be amazed to hear all that she’s accomplished professionally thus far – and by the way, she’s only 21. From her study abroad experience in Paris, France where she dressed models at Paris Fashion Week to her on-campus internship position with Rent-the-Runway, Currin is quickly making moves to following […]

Catherine Intern


6 Summer Trends & The Lingerie To Wear Underneath

If there was a song about spring cleaning our wardrobes we’d imagine it would be titled, “out with the old, in with the new”. However, when it comes to going through a much-needed overhaul of your lingerie drawer, the more appropriate title might be, “in with the old, stay with the old”. Yet, there’s only one problem with this […]

11 Bridal Lingerie Styles, That Aren’t Just White!

For most women, shopping for wedding lingerie is just as important as finding the perfect white gown. Whether it’s her Something Blue or Something For The Honeymoon, it’s important for a bride to wear styles that will make her feel both beautiful and supported. Traditionally the angelic ivory hue is used for most bridal color palettes, however, no one ever said you couldn’t […]



13 Swimsuits Your Body Will Thank You For

Just like a chic warm jacket is necessary for winter,  so is a flattering and stylish swimsuit for summer. Yet, it always seems as if the summer days creep up on us quicker than our bodies are prepared for. The daunting feeling of bearing it all in a swimsuit can quickly discourage even the most fit of gym rats from […]

3 Bra Issues You Have And How To Fix Them

As women, there’s nothing worse than witnessing, or experiencing, the unflattering wardrobe fails known as back fat, saggy breasts, and uniboob. Whether you’re a size 0 or a size 16, we’ve all had our moments of disgust when it comes to wearing our bras and underwear. And who can blame you for feeling fed up? […]



#CHSFW Bits of Lace After Party

Wow, what an incredible week it has been here in Charleston, South Carolina! Evenings filled with glamorous fashion shows, chic events, and trendy street style, are what make Charleston Fashion Week so addicting. Kicking the week off was our runway show with Croghan’s Jewel Box and Shoes on King, and let’s just say, we opened […]

Charleston Fashion Week 2015 Bits Of Lace, Shoes On King, Croghan’s Jewel Box

(Prima Donna Soiree Bra & Panty, Flora Nikrooz Robe – In Store Only) Opening night of Charleston Fashion Week 2015 was truly one to remember. Our runway show, which included local retailers, Shoes On King and Croghan’s Jewel Box, was the first of many to strut the catwalk on Tuesday evening. And with summer just […]



Strapless Bras That Won’t Let You Down, Literally!

 We’ve all experienced the horror of wearing a bra that doesn’t fit, especially a strapless one. In fact, it seems as if women everywhere have given up their search for the perfect strapless bra- that is, one that will support, stay in place, and is above all else, comfortable. Yet, what most women are unaware […]

Upgrade Your Man’s Underwear Drawer

  While we all still have love on the mind, not to mention 50 Shades of Grey (hey, we’re still sweatin’!), there’s no better time than now to revamp your sweetie’s underwear drawer. Swap out his old college ripped boxers with our favorite men’s underwear line, SAXX…and trust us, he’ll thank you for it! Men […]



The Return Of The Bodysuit

Love them or hate them, there’s one thing we can all agree on…lingerie bodysuits are SMOKING hot! Whether you’re sporting these delicate one-pieces inside the privacy of your bedroom or out in broad daylight, one thing is for certain, these sexy “onesies” are making a major fashion comeback, and in a decent [exposure] way. Being […]