How to Pack Like a Pro for Summer Vacation

The arrival of summertime means that school is out and everyone is itching to get out of the office.  Whether it’s a mountain adventure or relaxing on the beach all day, summer vacations are great for helping us relax and refocus our brains.  Unfortunately, packing for a trip can be a little stressful for some […]


woman working out in sports bra

6 Workout Essentials You Need This Summer

While we should ideally be exercising no matter what time of the year it is, most of us admit to making it more of a priority in the summertime.  Bathing suits,  shorts, tank tops—it doesn’t hurt to have tone muscles to show off when it comes to the hotter months.  To get you motivated to […]

An Unforgettable Evening

If there’s one thing we love more than our lingerie, it’s celebrating it. For the last two years, we have hosted a private Charleston Fashion Week After Party at Stars Rooftop and Grill room; an evening dedicated to celebrating the success of our runway show. Fashion frontrunners from across the area, as well as out of town, are all […]



Turning Up The Heat At Charleston Fashion Week

At the beginning of year, we made a commitment to being a more confident and sexier version of ourselves. We vowed to getting a proper bra fitting, decluttering our lingerie drawer, and wearing more colored skivvies. So when we agreed to participate in the 10th anniversary of Charleston Fashion Week, we knew we had to bring the heat and debut our sexiest and […]

The 2 Spring Trends You Can Start Wearing Now

We’re less than a month away from the first day of spring and since our trusted groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, didn’t see his shadow, we can all anticipate that warmer days are quickly approaching! And with warmer days comes the inevitable spring wardrobe cleaning, where you throw out the old and worn for newer, on trend styles; which includes a much […]


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Why We Moved Locations and How We’re Looking Forward

When we publicly announced that, after being in business for over 39 years in downtown Charleston, our 302 King Street store would be closing its doors and expanding to Mount Pleasant, we admit we weren’t sure of how our customers and the local community would welcome the news. For years our lingerie boutique has been a local, […]

6 Lingerie Resolutions Every Woman Should Commit To In 2016

As the first week of the New Year comes to an end, you’re probably starting to realize that maybe those New Year’s resolutions of eating healthy every day were a bit too, ‘agh-em’, ambitious. Let’s be honest, did you really think you were going to wake up after a night of champagne and vodka and suddenly be capable of only eating vegetables […]



4 Ways To Style Colored Lingerie For Fall

I never truly realized how embarrassingly #basic my bra and panty drawer was until I began working in the lingerie industry almost 2 years ago. To be honest, I never even thought twice about the style, color, or fit of my bras unless I was attempting to look sexy for a significant other. As you can imagine, my lingerie wardrobe was divided between two types of […]

I Mustache You, Is Your Man Wearing SAXX Underwear?

There are three things that make Fall one of our favorite seasons of the year: sexy lace lingerie, pumpkin spice lattes, and hairy men. While we can’t exactly admit if we value those three things in that particular order (some of the girls who work here might put PSL at the top of their list), we can say […]

SAXX Movember "Stache"

Marie Jo Aida Garter Belt $112

8 Lingerie Must-Haves For Halloween

If there’s one holiday that requires you to wear something sexy, its without a doubt, Halloween. In fact it’s the one night out of the year where it’s socially acceptable for women to wear their most risqué costumes without being labeled as a…well you know the word. Whether you’re hosting a graveyard party as an Indian chief or a heavenly angel, […]